Lawn Aeration

29522801_2138645102Let Your Lawn Breath

An important part of lawn maintenance is lawn aeration. It’s a requirement for compacted soil. Aerating a lawn aims to reduce soil compaction and provide sufficient oxygen for roots. This also encourages worm movements and better water and nutrient absorption.

Lawn aeration from the insured and bonded experts at Spencer’s Lawn Care will ensure your outdoor space is more lush, beautiful, and healthy. This process of making thousands of small holes in the turf allows fertilizer, air, and water to reach the root zone quicker. This improves new root growth and encourages development of the plant life throughout your landscape.

Our experienced team has the time and equipment to help you bring your outdoor living space to fruition. We take a lot of pride in the detail-oriented work we do and your satisfaction is always guaranteedSchedule your lawn aeration.